Non-Profit IT Solutions

IT Support for Your Cause

You started your non-profit because you have big dreams of making a difference in the world and changing the lives around you. Technology is what helps you meet those goals efficiently, but when you work on a tight budget with strict requirements, it can be difficult to have the infrastructure you need to support your organization.

Our mission is to help you accomplish yours, efficiently and affordability. Sourcepass’s experts come to the rescue with responsive support, proactive network monitoring, and reliable guidance. Our non-profit IT services include protecting donor data, email hosting, disaster recovery, privacy compliance, software updates, managing firewalls, preventing system failures, network, and server security and more. Overall, we serve you, so you can serve others.

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How can our non-profit IT solutions help you?

  • Keep costs low
  • Empower your team
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Implement preventative measures
  • Expand your reach
  • Improve security

Reach and surpass your goals with Sourcepass.

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