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There are few things more important than having the right website security for your business. The amount of successful attacks only continues to rise as criminals find new ways around outdated software. If you’ve been putting more energy into the colors and fonts on your home page and not as much to the layers that stand between you and prying eyes, then NST Web Solutions wants you to know more about your options.


Malware is one of the most common ways criminals find data they should never be allowed to access. Employees who are tired or stressed are liable to click on links or emails that may look legitimate, but are really criminals lying in wait. Some of the most sophisticated viruses can actually lay dormant on a computer until the machine is vulnerable enough to attack. NST has a Website Security Package that sets the precautions in place so you’re less likely to fall victim to these threats. Beyond the normal filters of your chosen email server, our package goes the extra mile to ensure you’re safe from malware.


Traffic to your website is not always a good thing. If you offer only local services in New York City, then you may not want someone from the other end of the world accessing your site. Hackers will normally do tests on your defenses to determine where the gaps are before formulating their plan. Instead of taking chances, our Website Security Package ensures that people from certain locations are redirected, so you only deal with those who are genuinely interested in what you do. If criminals can’t access the site, they’ll move on to the their next target.


While major security breaches like Target or Yahoo make the news, there are millions of other hacks that don’t make national headlines. Hackers are actually more likely to go after smaller businesses because their security is often not where it needs to be. You need to treat your customer’s financial and personal information with the utmost respect to maintain your reputation. Your technology has to change as quickly as hackers adapt to it, and NST Web Solutions is ready to help the people of New York City and Long Island keep up with those demands.

You owe it your customers, your employees and your business to make the right decisions when it comes to your security. Look to us if you want to learn more about our package or have questions about about how we can help you strengthen your web security.

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