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Web and Mobile Application Development in New York

Applications for both web and mobile devices give customers a chance to experience something unique about your business in a fun, fast and convenient way. They’re so popular though that many companies find it difficult to stand out and keep up with ever-changing consumer demands. NST Web Solutions has been helping clients successfully find their way through a saturated market, and we can help you do the same.

User Experience

The best apps are the ones that need no explanation. Customers can download, input their information, and navigate the menu without a lengthy tutorial. Before this can happen though, apps need to be put through rigorous QA testing when it comes to the user experience. Companies who choose to simply design the application without testing or feedback generally find a flood of complaints after proudly unveiling their latest features.


Apps have to be fast when the average attention span is only getting shorter and shorter. Most people will abandon sites that take more than even a few seconds to load completely. Whether your New York City business is experiencing a major surge in activity or you’ve recently added a complicated addition to the menu, we can handle the pressure. Let us keep your application running quickly, so people are more likely to stay on your app longer and return to it faster.


It seems like apps are everywhere today, which is impressive considering there are so many ways to access them. From Androids to Apples, there’s a lot to know about making technology accessible to every screen on every device. Can your app scale to an Android tablet as easily as it can scale to an Apple 5se smartphone? If not, NST Web Solutions can help you with your web and mobile applications so users get the same vivid, clear information and services regardless of where they are or what they’re on.


Apps need constant maintenance for optimum performance in Long Island, especially considering the rules keep changing about what makes a good app. Websites like Google continue to move their criteria in order to appeal to changing consumer expectations, which is why we change our strategies so you don’t miss a beat. Our company also helps you stay on top of emerging trends in your field, so your competitors don’t outshine you.

Count on us to make your applications the best they can be. Whether you need a trained eye in one area or all-around advice, call us to find out more about how our services integrate seamlessly with your business.

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