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Dial in for a Superior Communication System

Traditional phone systems are overly expensive, and no longer get the job done. You need a communication system that’s affordable, portable, flexible and multi-functional. VoIP phone systems use your local area network and the Internet for phone calls, and with it you get an integrated, flexible infrastructure that can support many types of communication.

Sourcepass’s IT support in Suffolk County deploy and maintain your phone system and gives you a competitive advantage. Our team helps you integrate VoIP with applications like customer management and live chat so you can provide a new level of effective service to your customers.

How can our VoIP solutions help you?

  • Reduce call costs
  • Mobilize your business
  • Adjust your communication needs
  • Secure your phones
  • Access constant monitoring
  • Perform preventative maintenance

We’re not just talk, we’re all action.

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