Temperature Screening & Mask Detection Solutions For Your Organization

As workers report back to their workplaces, organizations are adapting to the new normal. Organizations require protocols that will ensure the safety of employees and comply with regulations. Some organizations use tools at their entrances to control individuals that access their premises.

Temperature Screening & Mask Detection Solutions For Your Organization

BY Matthew Brown |November 5, 2020|BLOG


Finding the right tools for your entrances can be a challenge. Many technologies exist, but they have varying limitations. For example, some offer limited features. They may not provide the solutions and capabilities that you need.

Are there technologies that can simplify your transition?

Clients often ask Network Solutions & Technology (NST) about solutions that will facilitate their transition to the new normal. NST provides IT services and support. This article will help you discover solutions that NST is integrating to promote new processes and keep organizations safe.

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NST Screening & Detection Solutions

Our solutions include:

HP Personal Management Kiosk

This solution is one of our entry screening technologies. You can use it for your guarded or unguarded entry areas that need checking in or reporting individuals who want to access your physical space.

You can link it with an access control system and deploy it without challenges. It is versatile, and you will operate and maintain it easily.

Its capabilities include:

  • Check-in and temperature verification.
  • Mask detection.
  • Adjustable audio alerts.
  • 2-second average read speed.
  • Facial recognition/stranger detection.
  • Cloud-based kiosk administration (coming soon).


MzeroManage (coming soon) is a kiosk management tool that will help HP Personal Management Kiosk users. It will allow them to deploy and monitor their kiosk deployment from remote locations. The web portal will enable users to monitor health, diagnose issues, customize alerts, and leverage analytics.

Its features will include:

  • Performance management solutions.
  • Remote management of many kiosks.
  • Optimize performances of kiosks from remote locations.

It will be ideal for organizations that need remote security and performance management.

We have many solutions that can fit your organization. You can contact us to discover how we can help you with our solutions.

Why should you use our Temperature Screening & Mask Detection solutions to secure your organization?

Reasons to use our solutions include:

Comply With Regulations

Organizations need to comply with new rules as we adapt to the new normal. For example, some authorities want people in public spaces to wear masks and observe social distancing.

NST’s solutions can help you comply with these regulations. Our installations at entry points will ensure those entering your premises have masks. They may also regulate the number of people entering your building by limiting entrance to those with genuine reasons and restricting their number.

Complying with regulations helps you avoid issues. For example, you will avoid penalties, such as fines. These regulations exist to protect people, following them enables you to achieve this target.

Guarantee the Health and Safety of Your Employees

Your employees may need some assurances as they return to work. They may be hesitant to come back if they do not see the measures you are taking to guarantee their health and safety.

NST’s solutions can help you protect your employees’ welfare. Our temperature screening and facial recognition solutions will help you ensure the health and safety of employees. You will not let anyone into your building without good reason, and they will need masks.

Guaranteeing the health and safety of your employees is critical. Besides protecting them, it will allow them to concentrate on their tasks, as they will not worry about their safety.

Secure Your Organization

Unauthorized access to your company’s premises can pose a threat. Some people can misuse access to cause you harm, such as destroy your physical infrastructure.

NST’s solutions can help you regulate people accessing your premises. For example, facial recognition at points of entry can sure those getting in have permission. Temperature checks can also ensure people accessing your building are in the allowed temperate range.

Securing your organization can help you avoid problems. For example, unauthorized people will not access your premises and cause you harm. People inside your building will be safer because those beyond the allowed temperature range will not get access.

NST combines technologies to provide useful solutions. Our innovations help organizations by providing the capabilities they need. Enjoy auditing and enhanced reporting capabilities. You may integrate our tools with your existing infrastructure, providing helpful reporting and management.

Network Solutions & Technology (NST) provides IT services and support. We offer expert IT solutions, including cloud computing, managed IT service, cybersecurity, etc.

Contact us today and let us help you enjoy the solutions you need to embrace the new normal.

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