Sourcepass Partners with Acronis to Safeguard, Optimize, and Protect the New York Islanders

New York, NY – July 19, 2022 – Sourcepass, a leading digital IT services firm, Partners with Acronis to Safeguard, Optimize, and Protect the New York Islanders.

Sourcepass Partners with Acronis to Safeguard, Optimize, and Protect the New York Islanders

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Sourcepass Partners with Acronis to Safeguard, Optimize, and Protect the New York Islanders

An innovative machine intelligence (MI)-enhanced application, coupled with digital IT services delivery, provides Long Island’s #1 major sports team and dominant metro New York franchise an end to end cyber backup solution

Long Island, New York, July 19, 2022 – Acronis opens in a new window, a global leader in cyber backup protection, announced today its Proud Cyber Protection Partnership with the New York Islanders, which will be implemented and managed by Sourcepass opens in a new window, a leading IT management services firm based in East Northport, New York.

Through this collaborative partnership with Acronis and Sourcepass, the Islanders will have innovative, highly capable cyber backup systems to safeguard data, applications, and systems to optimize data management. The Islanders are partnering with Acronis to enable backup of all their digital content to the cloud. This includes all the Islanders’ video and game production content, with archives spanning back 50 years. Use of the cloud for backup will provide greater resilience and be a key part of business continuity for the Islanders.

“It’s comforting to know our digital content, and specifically our game footage that features all the great Islanders moments from our team history over the last 50 years, is backed up and secure in the cloud enabling us to access it wherever and whenever we need to,” said Ryan Halkett, Senior Vice President of Event Presentation and Content Experiences for the New York Islanders. “Additionally, all of our content will be accessible for all future generations to enjoy.”

Sourcepass will work with the Islanders to implement Acronis Cyber Protect opens in a new window, an innovative machine intelligence (MI)-enhanced solution providing data protection reducing downtime. Acronis combines automation and integration to safeguard all workloads while streamlining protection efforts. Acronis cyber protection provides the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security services required to protect the modern sport.

“The New York Islanders are a winning team and will now receive the best-in-class cyber backup protection for their organization with Acronis and Sourcepass,” said Pat Hurley, Acronis Vice President and General Manager, Americas. “Just like an Islanders’ goalie defends against the opposing team, Acronis’ backup and protection will defend the entire Islanders’ data on and off the ice.”

As part of its expansion plans, Sourcepass recently acquired Network Solutions and Technology (NST), a Long Island information technology service provider that is highly respected in the cyber protection field, with over 20 years of operational experience and 400 business clients. Members of the former NST team will play a key role in this implementation.

“Sourcepass is excited to enter this partnership with Acronis as the proud cyber backup partner of the New York Islanders,” said Ken Varrone, Chief Technology Officer at Sourcepass. “Our digitized IT services, experience in the cyber backup space, and expert knowledge of Acronis will truly deliver the most effective 24/7/365 cyber backup protection. This complete managed backup solution by Acronis, coupled with Sourcepass’s enhanced customer experience, provides peace-of-mind that all New York Islanders’ data and historic media archive is well protected, and enables the Islanders’ organization to focus on their end goal of winning a Stanley Cup.”

The partnership comes with the Islanders preparing for its 50th anniversary season at the team’s state of the art home, UBS Arena at Belmont Park.

Service providers are invited to join the Acronis #TeamUp Program to deliver Acronis Cyber Protection solutions to world-class sports properties on behalf of Acronis and enjoy a rich world of sports benefits and brand exposure. For more information, please visit opens in a new window.

About Sourcepass
Sourcepass is digitizing the way small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) access innovative IT solutions by making strategic acquisitions in the IT Managed Services space. Sourcepass is committed to eliminating the challenges that SMBs face worldwide, allowing them to focus on their core business. The Sourcepass culture promotes modernization, diversification, and productivity to deliver world-class IT results and drive growth. Our goal is to help SMBs successfully navigate the digital era and remain competitive against a shifting technology landscape by immediately connecting clients with modern, valuable IT solutions for a seamless IT approach. For more information about Sourcepass, please visit opens in a new window.

About the New York Islanders
Founded in 1972, the New York Islanders Hockey Club is the proud winner of four Stanley Cup Championships and a record nineteen consecutive playoff series victories. The Islanders have had nine members inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and play in the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference.

The Islanders Children’s Foundation has helped countless youngsters in need around the world since its inception. Donations are raised through the efforts of our players, management, and employees, along with our fans and partners.

UBS Arena at Belmont Park is the team’s new, state of the art home.

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