SIEM Services

Assess, eliminate and mitigate cyber events with expert response assistance

Keep Your IT Secure and Mind
at Ease

Every activity of your organization leaves a digital footprint, but you need the right technology and expertise to collect, manage and analyze that data. Simply putting security measures in place isn’t enough, you have to make sure they’re actually happening to prove you’re meeting compliance requirements.

Sourcepass’s SIEM solution doesn’t just log events, we provide a management layer above your existing security systems and controls that give you an enterprise-wide view of all activity. From monitoring your SIEM system and analyzing data to securing breaches and implementing disaster prevention plans, we’ll centralize your systems to keep your IT secure.

How Can SIEM Services Help You?

  • Streamline compliance
  • Store and analyze data
  • Identify malicious activity
  • Quickly contain and resolve issues
  • Create court-approved reports
  • Save time and money

Discover the difference real-time security evaluations
can make.

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