Saving Time with Rapid Response

By dedicating resources to quick-hit tasks, Sourcepass has reduced both service request resolution time and project lead times substantially in less than one quarter.

Saving Time with Rapid Response

BY David Malangone |August 24, 2023|BLOG

The leaders from the Sourcepass Service team and Client Strategy team routinely meet to discuss ways to continually improve client experience. During a recent discussion, we fell into a brainstorming session around creative ways we could improve our operational handling of specific types of quick-hit service requests for common tasks that usually take thirty minutes or less to resolve, such as password resets and application installations. 

As a result, Sourcepass implemented a Rapid Response Team consisting of a small group of technicians centralized to support all pods and shuttles, dedicated to such tasks. Not only has response time for quick-hit tickets reduced, but by lowering the volume of requests routed to the service teams in our pods and shuttles, response time for other service requests has also been reduced by nearly 50%. 

This modification has proven so successful on service delivery tasks, we’ve also implemented changes in our Professional Services department to expedite certain quick-hit projects as well. By segmenting project types to dedicated teams, we’ve reduced our project lead time by over 50% in less than a quarter!

Whether facing common service issues like password resets, printer issues, and unplanned user termination, or common project requests like adding a virtual machine to your server environment, know that our Rapid Response Teams have you covered. 

If you are interested in learning more about Rapid Response Teams, reach out to David Malangone, Senior Director of Professional Service, at (877) 678-8080. 

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