Penetration Testing

Test your IT security posture before cyber criminals do it for you

Prevent Cyberattacks with Penetration Testing

Is your IT up for the task? Malicious data and hackers lurk in the shadows of inboxes, downloads and everyday file exchanges. Having a way to test your system and close the gaps in security puts your business one step ahead of the most well-thought cyberattack – that’s where pen testing comes in.

With Sourcepass’s penetration testing, we help you identify areas where your system is at risk and put the right solutions into place. When your business moves a mile a minute and threats begin to surface, it’s good to know that your defenses hold from beginning to end.

How can pen tests help you?

  • Prevent data breaches
  • Identify security gaps
  • Stop potential hackers
  • Plan for the worst
  • Recognize threats
  • Minimize risks

Test the strength of your first line of defense.

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