Microsoft Azure

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Host Databases, Servers, Applications and More in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a cloud services platform that is ideal for secure data storage, app development, database hosting, virtual servers, API management, DNS hosting, and more. As a Microsoft partner, Sourcepass delivers a variety of Microsoft Azure services and licensing options designed to fit your needs. Our certified team of highly-trained experts will assist you with everything from consulting and licensing to implementation, data replication, and system management.

Sourcepass combines technology, best practices, and human expertise to provide migration and deployment, security, monitoring and management, 24/7 support, compliance, and more. We offer you the resources and know-how to switch to Azure without a significant interruption to your day-to-day operations. Plus, we will work with you to ensure the Azure hosting platform you are using is properly aligned with your business strategy and growth plans.

How can our Microsoft Azure services help you?

  • Streamline your IT needs to save time and money
  • Access your data, applications, and more from anywhere
  • Protect your data and stay compliant with regulations
  • Enjoy guaranteed uptime of 99.99% or more
  • Grow and innovate your business faster

We make moving your organization to the cloud a breeze

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