NYC & Long Island Managed IT Services Near Me

Regardless of the size of your business, at one point, you will be required to consult IT service providers to get emerging technologies that can help grow your business to the next level. Whether you would want to source services such as cloud-based storage systems, CRM, helpdesk solutions, or any other managed IT services you feel fit for your organization in NYC or Long Island, you will look for the best-managed service providers who can help you realize your business dreams.

NYC & Long Island Managed IT Services Near Me

BY Matt Brown |June 11, 2020|BLOG

Why you Should Consider Local IT Managed Services Providers for Your Business in NYC or Long Island

Should it be Local or International Managed IT Services Providers?

The argument about whether one should go for a non-local IT service provider with a good reputation or a local provider has been there for a long time. Before choosing one, it would be great to understand what your business wants and more importantly, what your IT managed services provider in NYC and Long Island is capable of offering. The fact is that, while most of these services can be offered remotely, there are endless reasons why choosing managed services providers near you may be an advantage to your business in New York and Long Island.

In this article, I will take you through everything you need to know about IT managed services and the reasons why you should go for local providers.

Let’s Start by Understanding What is an MSP

A managed services provider(MSP) is simply a company that seeks to provide IT solutions such as business applications, network, and server services to both individuals, small and large organizations. Through delivery, the service provider hosts and takes control of managing your applications and all the resources required to run and manage the required operations.

The providers usually own the back-end application’s infrastructure and closely monitors and oversees the network for the end-users to access the internet remotely. Again, MSPs mostly protect the application’s procedure and all the processes that have been outsourced by your organization. With huge data centers, these providers can host and accommodate dozens of software and Web applications and facilitates the interconnection of networks by the use of virtual private networking to various organizations and individuals.

What is the Role of Managed Service Provider for Your Business in NYC & Long Island

You need to understand what MSPs do. Understanding the whole process will clearly define critical activities that are associated with your business, therefore giving you a chance to make the perfect decision before choosing your service provider.

Here are some of the roles:

  • Managing and Monitoring of Your Network

To keep an eye on your firewalls, devices, and other machines, every MSP should be in a position to provide excellent network monitoring and protection. Remember, your provider controls most of the infrastructure’s activities, including proper management of the data so it should be clear at this point that the provider should be able to handle any vulnerability that your business may be facing.

  • Carrying out Protection and Other Tests

Additionally, your managed service provider is responsible for vulnerability and penetration testing. It is worth noting that some of the activities should be done on-site. Social engineering tests should be carried out in person to make sure that some of the ethics accompanied by these tests are verified and put into practice.

As a growing business, it should be noted that it would be a great idea that your team should well be equipped with the right information and knowledge about cybersecurity. Having an official representative from your service provider is a bonus towards achieving this. This representative should create awareness of your employees through various training and educational curriculums. This is done through departmental sessions, answering questions from the organizational teams, and through active practices through demonstrations.

Let’s Look at the Different Types of Managed Service Providers

When it comes to choosing your service provider, I believe that the first thing you will do is to get on the internet and search for IT managed services that are near you. However, with emerging innovations in today’s technologies, you might not be able to get all the information you require for a given service provider. What do we mean by this? The fact that the industry for managed services is growing rapidly, you might not be able to differentiate them by what you want for your business.

MSPs are grouped in different categories and most importantly, according to the types of services they provide. While others have been established in recent times, others have already grown, have a good clientele, and already build good reputations with partners and their customers. Having said that, most of the managed service providers become the top performers through reviews and recommendations done online by other clients.

Here are the three main categories:

  • Lower-level Managed Service Providers

Lower-level providers mostly don’t concentrate on your business needs but offer you IT services to make sure that the technologies used are running effectively. They usually oversee several activities and processes and provide to ensure that operations are ongoing successfully.

  • Mid-level Managed Service Providers

They are also known as value-added providers. That means they offer extra offerings such as scalability management, system or software maintenance, and disaster recovery for your organization.

  • High-level Managed Service Providers

For most business organizations, these providers are highly preferred and outsourced. These MSPs provide complete services by providing endless assistance 24/7 to their clients according to their demands.

What Then Should you Look for in a Managed IT Service Providers?

It is not just about the reputation of the service provider. Other critical services might come in handy for your business. As most of the managed IT  services providers in NYC and Long Island offer a wide range of products and services, sometimes it might be a problem choosing services that suit your business. Before choosing and deciding which provider you should hire, clearly look, and differentiate the types of services they offer and pick the best for your business.

Regardless of the size or the type of your business, here are the top features you should put into consideration for any provider.

Your network and data security should be a priority for your business. Service providers who have not invested in resources to boost network security might put your business at potential risks. With new technologies, malicious attacks may lead to data breaches and other threats that might lead to both operational and financial losses.

Having overall solid security that protects systems, applications and other machines for your organization is very important. In addition to that, having the best prevention measures and recovery mechanism in case of a threat or any other disruption should be one of the things that the provider should have for effective services.

Communication, which a vital aspect for every organization, should also be considered and privacy measures put in place. Spam and phishing emails should be blocked at all costs and all messages both internally and externally encrypted to improve the privacy of the communication. Having a service provider that can monitor these services is a bonus for your business.

Its obvious systems encounter problems that might interfere with day-to-day business operations. At this point, you might be required to seek assistance from your managed service provider. Having a service provider with high and timely responsiveness and will help you solve issues at a lesser time and restore organizational operations in a good time. For most advance IT managed services providers, their system might detect issues with your system and even go ahead to rectify them without your team noticing them.

It is recommended that you have a qualified official representative from the IT Department who communicates directly with the service providers in case an issue arises. That way, the downtime used to solve issues is decreased.

For most of the business owners, the worry is always data loss that might be because of threats or natural disasters. By having a reliable service provider who hosts your data in the Cloud and has put in place the necessary mechanisms for backup and recovery, you are not only assured of having peace of mind but you’re certain that your entire business information is store somewhere safe and you can get it anytime you want.

Benefits of Having a Local Managed IT Services Provider for Your Business

As we have seen so far, it is evident that local IT services providers are preferable for most organizations in NYC and Long Island. While most of them offer as many solutions as possible, choosing the best services that suit your business is very important.

Here are the advantages of hiring local providers:

  • Reliability

Here we talk about the availability of reliable technicians and other qualified personnel in case there is an issue. Additionally, having a team that fully understands your organizational IT requirements and monitors your network is a great benefit for your organization.

  • Quick and Timely Responses

Having a service provider who is ready to listen to your concerns, responds, and acts timely towards providing a solution when a disruption occurs, will improve your organization’s operations. With a local IT service provider, you can create a personal touch and build a working relationship making it easier to solve issues when they arise. You also build a mutual trust with your provider, hence improving your services for the business.

  • Local Service Providers are Affordable

Grow your business. That means, they will guide you by identifying the IT needs and only provide you with services that work for your business. You don’t have to pick a plan with services that your business doesn’t need. This reduces the service costs for your business so that MSP can save you money.

  • A Chance to Build a Long-term Relationship

Your local MSP becomes a part of your business environment and can play a big role in your business growth. By working with a local provider, you have already established a mutual relationship to work together towards managing and growing your business. Local MSPs have a fundamental role in understanding your business goals and objectives and collaborates put efforts towards realizing your business dreams.

  • Provision of Additional Insights Thorough Consultations

Through your established and growing mutual relationship, you have the chance to open up about your business targets. As an organization that embraces technology to improve organizations’ operations and increase profits, your local service providers will guide you through ideas and unique insights on which technology models fit your business needs.

Additional Insights for You to Choose Managed IT Services Provider in NYC and Long Island

Here are some extra ideas you should consider before making your decision on the type of IT managed IT services providers you should work with. It is worth noting that, understanding what your business needs are the most critical aspect here.

Now, consider the following:

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Before you make any decision to hire an IT managed service provider, you should research to fully understand the company. Through the help of your IT department team, analyze and define your organizational business needs, and propose the IT services that might be solutions to these needs. You have the power to select only the best services that your business needs.

Communicate With the Service Provider

While the internet has made it easier for quick searches and communication online, it’s good to conduct a one-on-one meeting to agree to critical aspects that your business needs and compare that with what the service providers offer.

Ensure That the Provider Monitors Growth and Analytics Through Reporting

Finally, look for a managed service provider who provides timely detailed reports for your office technology. This allows you to follow up on application usage as per every employee and the network resources utilized daily. From here, you can make decisions on what next for your business. The more you fully understand how your network resources are used, the more chances your business has to grow.

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