IT Security, Why Timing Is Key

Know what’s going on “behind the walls” with a Security Risk Assessment.

IT Security, Why Timing Is Key

BY Mike Appollo |December 2, 2022|BLOG

Does your home have termites? How about mold? Wouldn’t it be great to know sooner than later?

We know what you’re asking, “How does this relate to IT and Network Security?” No worries, we’ll get to that in a moment…

Most homeowners know that you don’t discover the problems behind the walls until you start a project. After you start opening things up, you may suddenly find something totally unexpected that eats into the budget or causes additional spending. Wouldn’t it have been great to know ahead of time, maybe when all you had was a small problem, with less damage done and lower costs to repair?

Network security is like that in many ways. Sure, you can wait until your network is breached, maybe impacted by ransomware, brought down due to a virus or another type of malware.


You can have an expert perform a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) in advance of any incident. Our qualified security professionals will help to identify security gaps and provide a report with recommended actions to take to better protect your data.

Know what’s going on “behind the walls” with a Security Risk Assessment

You may have active user accounts belonging to past employees. Your firewall may have open ports that can be exploited. There could be out-of-date and insecure applications installed on your network.

When was the last time you changed your Wi-Fi passwords? Old passwords can be hacked, bought, or both. These are just a few of the many ways hackers gain access to vulnerable networks.

When it comes to identifying and addressing potential security risks, it pays to be proactive. Some people like surprises, but when those surprises turn out to be a multitude of expensive security problems, no one is amused.

Businesses should complete a security risk assessment at least once every two years, giving security problems less time to accumulate and potentially turn into something more serious.

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Mike Appollo is a Sourcepass Senior Solution Advisor. Reach out to Mike at (877) 678-8080

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