IP Video Surveillance


IP Video Surveillance Is Now Intelligent and Can Help You Drive Your Business Forward

Video surveillance has evolved and has moved past its traditional role in stopping crime. Smart technology that incorporates motion detection and facial/license plate recognition for immediate response are core features of an IP video surveillance solution.

While the motion detection features of IP video can assist with building access or intrusion detection, a robust IP video surveillance system can measure building occupancy and store/facility traffic by counting people.

Additionally, the IP video surveillance system can be made accessible both locally and remotely, based on user credentials and custom access controls. The system can also be integrated with other physical building systems, such as IP card access and IP audio, and even with local law enforcement, where applicable.

How can IP Video Surveillance
Help Your Business?

  • Improves asset visibility
  • Measure employee productivity
  • Monitor for office occupancy and space utilization
  • Count customers and adjust the employee-to-customer ratio if needed
  • Observe product placement and uncover missed merchandising opportunities

Sourcepass Can Create a Customized IP Video Surveillance System for Your Business

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