IP Card Access


Install an Access Control System that Meets Your Facility’s Unique Needs

Is your access control system doing its job while also giving your employees and guests the flexibility they demand?

 In addition to traditional access via card swipes, your IP access control system can also offer keypad PIN, biometric, facial recognition, or mobile app access for employees and other authorized individuals. For employees who’ve misplaced their swipe cards, administrative staff can enable access remotely, or your IP cameras—integrated with the system—can authenticate individuals and instantly unlock doors.

For convenience, you can access the system off-site—anywhere there is an Internet-connected device. Your IP access system from Sourcepass is also flexible and scalable to the needs of the business; you can even add doors one at a time. Reporting capabilities allow you and the management to determine what’s working and what’s not and adjust investment in your facility where needed.

How can IP Card Access Help You?

  • Enhances unguided circulation
  • Save on energy costs, as HVAC and lights can be turned on based on entry and exit
  • Reduce frustration due to misplaced or stolen access cards
  • Provide employees with more choice
  • Delight visitors with easier building access
  • Increase productivity
  • Lower costs

Upgrade Your IP Card Access System

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