How To Leverage Virtual CIO Services To Achieve Your Business Goals

An increasing number of business leaders are realizing how dramatically technology decisions impact their business. To stay competitive, you must view IT as a strategic asset—not just an operational expense.

How To Leverage Virtual CIO Services To Achieve Your Business Goals

BY Matt Brown |February 22, 2023|BLOG

Many small businesses find it challenging to keep everything running smoothly with a small IT team. In many cases, the greatest challenge is in a lack of strategic leadership around Information Technology. Working with Sourcepass to provide Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services, we can provide the leadership and expertise needed to actualize your organizational goals—for a fraction of the cost of hiring executive level IT personnel.

The following are five ways that vCIO services help to make IT a key driver toward achieving business goals:

Gauging Department Expectations
Base your priorities on the needs of your internal departments. Everyone in your organization can achieve their goals with the right technology on their side.

Developing a Plan
Build a timeline that includes deliverables, accountability checkpoints, and milestones to make sure your IT stays on track.

Establishing Benchmarks
How will you measure success? Work backward from your business goals to determine benchmarks like expanded reach, better quality, and maximized agility. Check in regularly to see if your strategy is moving the needle toward those benchmarks and adjust to meet your timeline expectations.

Testing Your Strategy
Before you roll out solutions, test them on a single variable by setting a benchmark and measuring it against the result.

Focusing on the Future
Set realistic benchmarks and KPIs so you can get a picture of where your business should be in one, five, and ten years. Maintain communication with organizational leaders and adjust to make sure your business meets or exceeds your established goals.

Matt Brown in the Sourcepass Chief Financial Officer. Reach out to Matt at (877) 678-8080.

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