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The Hotaling Group, a domestic and international insurance and financial provider based in US and Amsterdam, wanted to update their website to match their companies reputation in the industry.

The goal the task, create a unique visual experience yet provide the information that viewer will find useful.

Build a 3-pronged landing with video to catch the eye, easy-to-navigate blocks to better serve the clients target audience and link all 3 verticals for better usability.

Develop solutions for interfacing with Linked in profiles of all personnel and find a solution for displaying services in a unique and interesting manner.

The Challenge

Design was key to this project. We had to marry the concepts our client envisioned with usability.

The project wanted to be original, tie in to their companies branding, and put a twist on the typical marketing website.

Their goal was to have an entry point with video to wow the viewer. The challenge was finding the concept video that best captured the clients vision.

Each industry vertical would have it’s own “site” with the page functioning independently yet linked to each other.

The administration of the website had to be simple and intuitive.

Visuals were just as important as the written content as each image would represent a location of The Hotaling Group.

Custom development would be required to convert the design concepts into reality.

The Solution

As with all our projects, we held a number of interviews to determine a scope of work that provided the optimal solutions for our clients project.

Our platform of choice would be WordPress due to it’s ease of development and quick learning curve for administration.

For design, the project encountered multiple revisions due to conflicting needs. We created numerous concepts with varying navigational styles and ultimately created the one that can be seen on their website HG-INSURANCESERVICES.COM opens in a new window

The landing page came together using a video fly-over as per our clients vision. Using WordPress and custom fields we created an admin that provides the client with the ability to easily manage the content for the landing page, US client page, International client page and Sport/Entertainment page.

Location management was integrated for automatically adding new location as the company grows and expands.

Services on the US client page was accomplished with a bit of slick coding and is fully managed in the admin – no small feat.

The responsiveness of the site also presented a challenge sure to the large images and varying font sizes. We used Media Queries to not only manage the site on small devices but to also manage differing desktop sizes. The overall result is a unique modern website we are proud to have been a part of developing.

Hotaling Insurance Services

Client Testimonials

  • “We hired Sourcepass on September, 2016. We were transitioning our offices to an electronic EMR and we needed the support of an experienced IT group. The team at Sourcepass has always presented themselves as professional, competent and trustworthy. The transition from our previous IT group to Sourcepass was seamless. We have had nothing but positive experiences thus far and we look forward to working with Sourcepass for years to come.”

    Michael P. Reproductive Specialists of New York
  • “My company just launched our revamped website and we couldn't be any happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with the Sourcepass Web Team. They took our old website with outdated graphics & fonts, and transformed it into a sophisticated and functional site that looks amazing. The custom site they built makes it easy for us to keep our content up-to-date and is simple and easy to maintain. Even post-launch, the team has continued to be helpful and interactive, making it easy to solve any issues quickly. They are easy to work with, responsive, thorough and extremely helpful. Thank you Sourcepass.”

    Suzanne Reilly Director of Marketing, DJJ Technologies
  • “Commitment to Excellence. This is what comes to mind when I think of Sourcepass.  Through our best and worst times our friends at Sourcepass have been by my company’s side through it all. Their unwavering dedication is second to none.”

    TODD YOVINO Broker/Owner, Island Advantage Realty
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    Vincent Tria Facility and Safety Manager, Global Tissue Group
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    Stephanie Rivera Tom Ford, Inventory Control Manager
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    Jessica Ghahremani Assistant Project Manager, Champion Metal & Glass, Inc.
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    Laura Ferrante Director of Administration, Comax Flavors
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    Aracelis Hernandez (Chely)
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    Arlene ELFA International
  • “On behalf of all of us at Avison Young NJ Property Management, a round of applause to the amazing, professional, friendly and responsive Sourcepass team that enabled us to seamlessly move our offices to Metropark – without a single hiccup. It truly could not have been done without the expertise of your team and we look forward to continuing the strong relationship that exists between us.”


Designing for User Experience

NST Web Solutions carefully considers form and function when creating a custom solution for our clients.

Developing an effect User Experience is no simple task. A deep understanding of the clients business and goals for presenting their services or content, is critical. This is always our first step in developing a UX/UI plan.

Understanding Hotaling Insurance Services target audience was key to building an effective user experience.

With many hours of discussion and internal research, we developed a plan to best serve our client’s needs.

The key features we created to solve some of the unique requests also challenges UX/UI best practices. We worked with our client to provide a revised interface that did actually combine form and function.

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