Exploring Monthly Payment Options for Technology

By financing your technology assets, your business cash flow can be used strategically to invest in other areas such as advertising, hiring, and inventory – assets that appreciate over time or add to revenue generating efforts.

Exploring Monthly Payment Options for Technology

BY Roli Points |July 28, 2023|BLOG

Successful businesses stay current with their technology resources. Financing is a strategic way to keep your business on a predictable refresh schedule while converting IT purchases from a capital expense to an operating expense. Some of the benefits of paying for technology in monthly installments include:     

  • Conserve working capital: Using monthly payments allows you to conserve the cash they would have paid in an upfront cost and use it for other areas of their business, i.e., hiring, advertising, and more.   
  • Easy to approve and consume: With monthly payment options, it’s easier to calculate if a technology need fits within your monthly budget.  
  • Fewer resources required for decision: Compared to large capital expenses, monthly operating expenses typically require less resources to approve and sign off on, as there is no need to dip into an already approved capital budget, which means faster approval and implementation.   
  • Proactively manage obsolescence: Monthly payments help keep hardware up to date. Financing creates a perpetual monthly technology budget. With a predictable monthly IT budget, upgrading/refreshing your technology becomes more manageable as equipment is replaced with consistent monthly payments.    

Sourcepass partners with GreatAmerica Financial Services to provide businesses with flexible financing options for technology needs. If you are interested in hearing more about how Sourcepass can offer you flexible monthly payment options for your technology needs, reach out to your Client Success Manager, or Roli Points, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, at (877) 678-8080. 

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