Do Surveys Really Matter?

Sourcepass reviews every survey comment received, positive or negative, to help focus on what to start doing, stop doing, or keep doing.

Do Surveys Really Matter?

BY Sam Gupta |July 19, 2023|BLOG

One of our techs shared a story about a visit to his doctor’s office.  He showed up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment, as requested by the office.  However, after delays at the front desk, delays being seen for check-in, and delays being shown to an exam room, it was 2.75 hours AFTER his scheduled appointment before he saw his doctor!  Needless to say, he was not happy with the customer service he received by his medical practice that day. 

At the completion of each of our service request tickets, the end user receives our close notification email with the prompt “How did we do?” followed by five faces ranging from a red frown to a wide, green smile. We continually measure the percentage of tickets that meet our goal and express this number as our Customer Satisfaction Percentage, or CSAT%.  In addition, EVERY comment offered by a client on the survey is reviewed, whether positive or negative. 

In fact, all positive survey comments are shared company-wide in a Microsoft Teams channel named “Celebrate our wins! – Surveys and Thanks”.  Reviewing all of the notes our clients offer helps to reinforce the actions that are valued by our clients. 

All negative survey comments are also shared, though these to a “Customer Service” channel in Teams. The client’s Service Team Lead investigates every negative survey received to evaluate the reasons why we earned a sub-goal response and what action we could have taken to have earned a better result.  Our diligent attention to these comments helps to contribute to our generally low number of sub-goal responses. 

Perhaps the doctor’s office was having a bad day, but our tech never had the opportunity to voice his displeasure via a survey.  As for our clients, we actually do monitor survey results, and any comments that get entered are invaluable so that we can focus on what to start doing, stop doing, or keep doing.

If you are interested in learning more about how surveys help to monitor service performance, reach out to Sam Gupta, VP of Service, at (877) 678-8080. 

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