The impact is still uncertain of COVID-19 virus and working remotely is critical to the healing and productivity of your organization. The CDC is encouraging all organizations to allow employees to telework not come into the workplace until symptoms are resolved. So how do you keep your employees productive?

Here at NST we are talking every precaution and working side by side with clients to help them stay productive. We have created a list of tips to stay productive while working remotely during this difficult time.

  • 1. Setup / review business continuity plans and teleworking policies
    • a. If your organization doesn’t already have them start developing plans and policies to implement immediately
    • b. Ensure that your technology department or technology service provider is providing a secure way for your employees to work remotely.
    • c. Provide proper training and documentation to your employees on how to work remotely.
  • 2. Enable Collaboration tools
    • a. There are dozens of collaborations tools to use; Citrix Sharefile, Dropbox, and Slack. NST highly recommends the use of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint as they both integrate very well with Microsoft Office 365.
    • b. Replace in person meetings, group sessions, or quick one on ones with remote meeting software. Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams are excellent tools that can be used for one on one, group, or large video conferencing meeting.
  • 3. Remote Access Methods
    • a. VPN using corporate owned devices are the most secure way to provide remote access. VPN clients are typically installed on laptop computers and provide a secure tunnel back to the corporate network.
    • b. GoToMyPC and LogMeIn are remote access tools that allow employees to use their home personal machine remote access to their machine in the workplace. This software can be setup quickly for users to work remotely.
    • c. VDI in Microsoft Azure. Virtual desktops can be setup in Microsoft Azure that allow employees to access a virtual desktop from any computer securely using mutli-factor authentication.

If you need any assistance on how any of these can be setup or implemented at your organization quickly and securely please contact us. We are happy to help when comes to keeping your business operating efficiently and productively. We are taking every effort to being proactive during this difficult time are happy to provide any assistance in helping setup your teleworking procedures.

Please stay safe.


Matt Brown

NST Chief Revenue Officer.

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