5 Examples That Demonstrate the Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

“Disasters don’t happen here.”

5 Examples That Demonstrate the Importance of Disaster Recovery Planning

BY Michael Ducsak |February 1, 2023|BLOG

Natural disasters have caused at least $42 billion in damages as recently as 2021 and that doesn’t account for other crises such as hacks and power outages.  
These incidents serve as examples of the value of IT disaster recovery solutions. 

  1. Hurricanes Ida

Hurricane Ida opens in a new window was one of the costliest natural disasters in recent memory. The hurricane cost a whopping $65 billion.  

As a category 4 hurricane, nearly three quarters of all the homes in a single parish were destroyed.

In New York City, Hurricane Ida caused flooding in the streets, submerging several subway stations opens in a new window. The damage from Hurricane Ida was astronomical. Many businesses lost data when their equipment was destroyed by the hurricane.

Conversely, the businesses that had effective data backups and managed IT solutions had an advantage while recovering from the storm.  

  1. Bykea Breach

Mobility based tech-firm, Bykea made the list of the top data breaches opens in a new window of 2021 in Security Magazine. Nearly 400 million files were compromised in the breach.

Bykea also suffered a previous cyber-attack which resulted in the deletion of its customer database.

Information was lost and compromised because it was not protected. This incident serves as a prime example of the importance of having effective disaster recovery solutions.   


  1. Nashville Tornado

In 2020, a tornado ripped through Nashville and taught one company an expensive lesson on the importance of disaster recovery solutions.  

Transportation company Western Express suffered extensive damage from the tornado which destroyed its hosting systems. The data center and headquarters were severely damaged by the tornado, leaving most of their IT equipment opens in a new window in shambles. 


  1. BlueLeaks

A data disaster in 2020 compromised many law enforcement documents. The 269-gigabyte data leak is known as BlueLeaks opens in a new window. Over a million files were stolen in the attack. The data was taken from a web development firm called Netsential.

  1. Human Error

Roughly 90 percent of cyber security issues stem from human error opens in a new window. As recently as 2021, human error was still the leading cause of most data breaches opens in a new window.

Many of these errors are the result of employee negligence or incomplete training.

Do you know what to do if a disaster affects your business?  Sourcepass can design and implement a customized disaster recovery plan.  

Michael Ducsak is the Sourcepass Chief Information Security Officer. Reach out to Michael at (877) 678-8080. 


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